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A man with a past, with no ties to anyone, makes a surprising discovery that changes his life and his perception of it.

A man with a past, with no ties to anyone, makes a surprising discovery that changes his life and his perception of it.

“The Planet is calling, sir. They are saying they are ready to talk,” the computer said.

“Tell them they’ve pissed me off. Tell them I’m deciding whether or not to kill a few million more before I settle down.” Risen said with a smile creeping across his features.

“They responded by saying that they were radical forces on the mainland. You still have permission to land,” the computer hd porn video said.

An almost evil smile spread across Risen’s face as he considered what the Xetherans had said. He then went over everything his grandfather had written about them.

“I want you to target the other three buildings around the central capital building. I want full power, full eradication of said three buildings. I don’t want anything left standing, then maybe they’ll start taking me seriously,” Risen said.

“Compliance,” said the monotone voice from the computer.

Immediately, three bolts launched from Risen’s ship. The Xetherans raised a shield that the lightning quickly overpowered.

There were several angry transmissions from the planet, though Risen ignored them, laughing with glee. The more the buildings seemed to melt, the more dizzy Risen became.

A few minutes later, they received a single signal. “I’m getting a signal from Queens for help, your response?” asked the computer.

“I’ll talk to the Queen, or I’ll target some of the military extensions on the planet. They have a porn video very small window for this before I start drawing down the army,” Risen said.

There was a momentary pause, then a very authoritative voice spoke, “Greetings, fellow brood. It’s good to once again speak to one with power, let us avenge our people.”

“My partner has told me about the people. I am sure that his thirst to go back up to the stars is great. Those who have done this to your people and mine have reared their heads again. I have plans for your ships. , your replicators, power sources and engines. I have enough plot to get you started. I warn the whole planet what I have done so far. It’s not even half my power.”

There was a long pause, then the same voice spoke, “it’s understood, you can land in the capital…”

“I guess not,” Risen laughed, he wasn’t that stupid. He trusted no one, especially the three races his family had kidnapped for future use. Fortunately, his great-grandfather and his grandfather had kept the well-documented notes in them. “You will come to me, you know that I am very heavily armed.”

“Understood, we’ll be there in no time,” the voice said as he cut the connection.

Risen chuckled as he began to charge the personal shield generator. A check showed that he had extra power packs. Looking at the power output, he quickly changed the shield to one twice as powerful. He hadn’t survived this long without making sure. He had almost made that mistake with that rotten father excuse of his.

Satisfied, he moved to the door to await the arrival of the Xetherans, the royal guard. They were the only xxx videos ones who thought they could take him and his ship. When they got closer, he shook his head. There were about a hundred other dead, plus these were the best.

“Set the defense parameters to ten meters, anything entering that area must be vaporized, understood?” said Risen.

“Compliance, sir, all evaporated,” the computer replied.

Risen could see the powerful aliens as they approached. Hmmmm Risen thought, as they stopped outside the defense area. “Increase the field to twice the destructive power,” Risen ordered.

“Compliance,” the computer replied, as there was a momentary power surge.

Risen nodded as he finally opened the hatch, stepping out. His eyes widened when he saw that there were over two hundred grey-skinned humanoids, over two meters tall. Hell, they could almost pass for a tall, gray human. Well, except they didn’t have a nose in the human sense, plus his eyes were three times the size of a human’s.

He quickly moved to the edge of the field, then off of it. Here it comes, he thought, as all of his automatic weapons activated. At first, there were only about ten who fired. They quickly disintegrated into a fine ash.

Once again Risen shook his head at how stupid and military these idiots were. He watched as the first layer, about a hundred, disappeared in a minute.

The air had a thick cloud of dust that floated up to five feet from Risen and then fell to the ground. Damn, Risen thought, glad he’d added that automated system while we were in transit.

A moment later, the rest of those who remained opened fire thinking they were safe at a greater distance. They were mThey were sorely mistaken when the automation started taking out the last few left.

A look at his wrist communicator. she showed that they weren’t coming anymore. A tap on it opened a channel. Taking live porn video a breath, Risen spat. “I guess the loss of the four buildings around the central hive wasn’t enough. Besides, the complete loss of the royal guard was nothing to you. I think it’s time to destroy the pair. You’ve seen my power well, half.” I will level this ball of mud, plus everything in it.”

A long hiss, from the Queen, came from the comlink. “That won’t be necessary, you have destroyed many who spoke against you. Come to the hive, no one else will try to stop you.”

“I hope the death of the many who were trying to stop me is over. Does everyone need to know that anymore? It will result in many more being destroyed,” Risen said, anger in his voice.

“Everything will be broadcast, there should be no more,” the Queen said.

Risen turned on the antigravity, something else he’d added, lifting him one foot off the ground. Moving much faster, Risen saw that the city was fast approaching. Slightly surprised, he saw almost no one on the streets as he approached the hive’s central building.

He entered the hive building, heading straight for the center of the hive. Within minutes, he was at the entrance to the Queen’s residence.

“So unlike the previous partner, you have actually appeared before us. I must say that for being so powerful, you are really small. Perhaps we should try…” The Queen began.

Immediately twenty of the men around the room, including many who were in hiding, fell to the floor dead.

“Maybe I should destroy the other forty that are still alive?” Risen said as another twenty fell to the ground, a hole through their chests.

“How…” the Queen began.

“I get tired of the games people play. You’ve lost quite a few on this continent alone. Perhaps the hd sex video loss of an entire continent will be enough,” Risen said as he turned to leave.

“This was not the work of the people, many of those who thought to usurp my power, you have eliminated. Therefore, I am in your debt, as are the people,” said the Queen.

Risen turned around slowly with a smile on his face. “So, you say it wasn’t your doing, prove it, kill the rest here,” Risen raised her hand to calm the Queen down. “Do it or I’m leaving, without leaving technology or anything.”

The Queen looked at the last of the remaining males, one in particular. Risen did not go unnoticed, as hundreds of energy weapons were fired at those who remained.

Within moments, there were nineteen smoldering and smoking remains of bodies on the ground.

An evil smile curved Risen’s lips as he heard a gasp from the Queen. “I hope this isn’t one of the traitors, if so. I’ll make this ball of mud a smoldering ember.”

The Queen could only stare at the last of her companions, “it’s understood.”

Damn, that felt so good! Risen thought: “I will return to my ship, I will download everything you need, including full hd porn video the plot. However, it is only enough to start, as I remember, you only need a few hands full.”

“It will be good, again, to take to the stars, our birthright,” said the Queen.

“So what if they attack me again on the way back? Won’t you want revenge if I destroy them all?” said Risen.

“No, indeed, you will be doing us a favor by getting rid of more traitors,” the Queen said.

Risen turned away with an incredulous smile. He estimated killing at least a few hundred more. A check of his personal shield was down twenty percent. Barring an all out attack, he should make most of the way back.

A step outside the door proved him right. Rising up with the antigravity, he was attacked by at least thirty. They were almost all dead when he began to pick up speed.

Just outside of town, he saw a great gathering. He quickly stopped adding another power pack, and nearly got his head shot off. A moment later, he got up again with very heavy weapons that started shooting at him.

A warning let him know that the heavy weapons were consuming much more energy than he thought. Landing, he watched as the automated system began to take out the front half of those shooting at it.

Another caveat, he had him remove the nearly spent pack and add another. A growl tore from his throat as he added two, then watched in glee as hundreds more that had appeared were also destroyed.

Shit, he thought, better go back, to my last two. Finally reaching the probe ship, Risen ordered all the items he knew the Xetherans would need.

Relaxed in his seat, Risen called to the Queen, “everything is here and ready, good hunting.”

“Wait, aren’t youyou…” the Queen began.

“No, you have what you need,” Risen said as the ship began to ascend. Then he shook his head when she saw that the planet had an active track on him. A crooked smile appeared on her face. “Track all weapons, destroy everything.”

“Active target. I have identified no less than a hundred missile sites. Deploying all physical and energy weapons. Fifty teen porn launch sites destroyed, all missiles that have been launched have been destroyed. On target to destroy the rest,” he said Computer.

“Okay, accelerate to orbit,” Risen said gleefully, watching all the sites explode.

“Now accelerate… warningg, warning, a weapon has alluded to countermeasures. Impact in one minute, prepare for collision,” the computer voice said.

“Increase shields, guide lock,” Risen yelled.

“Shields full, warning, warning,” the computer said.

“Oh shit!” Risen said as the missile struck the shield, knocking the ship off its projected course.

“I told you that I would reply to you after this is all over. I don’t think I can wait that long.” This caused Bee to look at Hartwell, her eyes wide with astonishment. Hartwell looked deep into her eyes, “I’m realizing that the thought of being without you is starting to terrify me.”

Bee’s face was shocked, her mouth had dropped open, unable to speak. “You… want to join me?”

“Yeah Bee, join me, be my partner,” Hartwell said.

Bee, still shocked, could only stare, then began to nod, yes, vigorously.

The nearby Lucie had tears falling from her eyes. Finally, her brother had found someone.

“Mary? Johnathon?” Hartwell asked, “How effective is this cure you came up with?”

Mary’s hologram appeared next to Bee as a pale green light emitted from the nearby console. The light began to sweep up and down Bee’s body a few times.

“All the scans no longer show any adverse effects from the injection. What she has as blood is ninety-nine percent free of all live porn video the chemicals that influence her. I’m also reading that any compulsions she may have had are gone.” said Mary’s face. saying.

“I think what she said is true, I no longer feel the need for what we had to have almost every day. Sir sir?” Bee asked, “Am I truly free?”

Hartwell was about to answer when he saw her sister crying. “Lucie? Are you okay?” He said to her as he ran towards her sister.

Lucie, almost overcome with emotion, hugged her brother. “Ok? My God! I’m better than fine. I never thought she’d see you like this again. I thought I lost you.” She here she walked herself with Hartwell over to the biological bed that Bee was on. Holding Bee in surprise, she whispered, “Thank you, thank you for helping my brother to be who she was.”

Still shocked, Bee pulled Lucie away from her. “No, I want to thank you, my lord lord’s sister. I thought he would never bond with me. Although everything the chemist did to me is gone, we are made in such a way that we HAVE to bond within a certain amount of time.” When a woman loses her bond, we only have a small amount of time to reunite.”

“THAT?!!” Lucie yelled, looking at her brother. In a low, almost breathless voice, Lucie growled. “I was sure killing all the males was wrong, now? I totally agree!”

Hatwell’s eyes widened as he could only look at his sister for a moment. “Yes, I know how you feel, afraid that the commander will not let us.”

“I think we should see if we can change his mind. Maybe,” Lucie said thoughtfully for a moment. “Perhaps the Empress can change her mind, then again.” Hartwell could only shake her head as Lucie walked away from her, discussing a plan with herself.

“You’ll soon be out of the biological bed. I’m sure Johnathon is making sure you’re truly cured before letting you go,” Hartwell said.

Bee was about to speak when there was a flash next to Hartwell. Derrick’s face appeared, making Bee cringe again.

“She’s still terrified of me,” Derrick said. Behind Hartwell they could hear Bee, wailing over the terrible beast emperor.

“Well sir, she’s been taught her whole life that the emperor of our galaxy would eat them alive. That he had great jerk porn video power to pierce the evil blinking eye, that it would destroy all his people. Hell, I’m surprised she He’s not trying to hide,” Hartwell said.

Derrick sighed, “I thought we made progress here. So, Mary said the antidote worked.”

“However, yes sir, I still want to go to her planet, to kill every one of those bastards masculine,” Hartwell growled.

Derrick noted the look of extreme anger on the faces of Hartwell and his sister.

“I’m sure you knew he was going to deny that. Before you think about going halfway, Johnathon can’t go there,” Derrick said.

“Yeah, I figured so, but we have to do something,” Hartwell said.

A thin smile played on Derrick’s lips, “Oh, believe me, there’s something in the works. It’s bad enough that I have to do what’s been imposed on me.”

“What about the heir?” Hartwell asked.

Derrick could only shake his head, “what the hell? Do you all know this?”

“No, I was informed as next in command that this could happen. I have decided to link up with Bee,” Hartwell said.

“Uh, you know what this entails, right?” Derrick asked.

“Most of it, yeah, that’s what Johnathon is working on. Right now, we can only mentally link. The chemical part, though it’s half-resolved? It would kill full porn videos us both, in a minute and a half. Fortunately, the aspect will disappear.” hold it for a long time. So while there’s not much of a rush, we need to find a balance soon,” Hartwell said.

Derrick turned to Mary, “I’m using most of the data I’ve collected. We’ve managed to derive half a solution from the cure we developed for Bee. Interestingly, some of that cure came from Admiral Hartwell’s body. Apparently, the partial mental link has changed his and hers chemical composition. Sir, this may be the chameleon race the imperial records speak of.”

Derrick’s mouth hung open about to speak when a female voice spoke from behind Derrick. “The chameleon race? The same one that the third emperor sent to the next galaxy?”

“Yes, Empress, I believe they are one and the same,” Maria said.

“Query,” Shelby asked.

“Proceed, Empress,” said Mary.

“With the readings you’ve gathered, has enough time passed for Bee and the others to descend from them?” Shelby asked.

“Correlating all the data. This may take some time. I’ll let you know the moment I’ve deduced an answer,” Mary said.

Derrick’s mouth was still open in surprise, then he closed it as he realized that Shelby was much smarter than he had thought. Just as she had thought before, her knowledge and wit were beginning to match his own.

Hartwell tried to hide the smile that was trying to creep onto his face. So, he thought, he wasn’t the only one who had problems with the opposite sex. Nodding, he thought that was good to know.

However, Derrick was not unaware of the change in Hartwell’s face. “This is not an opportunity for you to use later, Admiral.”

Hartwell’s face suddenly turned into a non-displayed poker face, “no sir, don’t even think about that.”

Derrick’s face showed his doubt, “Do you want to be out of it all again? As I remember last time, you hated it so much. Sort of like being indian porn locked in a biological bed.” At that, Derrick looked at the younger man and his daughter still in the bio beds, shivering. “Keep me posted through Mary.” Then Derrick disconnected.

Derrick could only shake his head, remembering that his old friend Mita had quite a temper. He even now he could see the petite Asian woman fuming, looking at her husband, arms folded.

Looking toward the doorway, he saw that his own wife had an almost angry and puzzled look on her face. Again, he shook his head, then her gaze turned to Mita and Gunther’s daughter as she moaned.

“Shelly!? How are you feeling?” Mita said as he ran to Shelly’s side.

The girl’s eyes widened, “Mom?” The girl said, “Is dad okay? I saw him fall after he touched me. Does the lady see through the lady?” Shelly said to Mary’s hologram. “If she adjusts the power output to 3000 amps less, it should provide a balance to the DIMT, as you call it.”

Mary looked straight ahead for a moment, then nodded slightly. “The data indicates that this will offset the excess energy, thank you Miss Shelly.”

“Shelly darling, you shouldn’t do that, you know it overloads your system,” Mita said, extremely worried.

“Okay mom, I made some modifications to the nanites. Now they won’t allow an excess like now unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, does the miss see through the madam?” Shelly said.

“Yes, Miss Shelly?” Maria said.

“I’ve seen the data you’re working on. I can see with ninety-nine percent clarity that the Tendraxians are indeed the chameleon race,” Shelly said, a slight strain on her face. “Can I have a data entry panel?” Like Derrick, her little fingers flew almost like a blur. “That should help, it’s bedtime. Don’t worry mom, everything will be fine.”good.” With that, Shelly kissed her mother and then lay back with a sigh.

Mita looked at the readings, then Mary finally turned to Derrick. “My God! He’s worked out the chemical balance, adjusted his nanomites, too,” Mita said desi porn as she walked over to Derrick. “This last section I don’t understand, it seems to be a computer code. Very complicated code, it’s way beyond my level of coding.”

Derrick looked at the code, his eyes widened. My God, he thought to himself, he had written half of this in the last few weeks. Then the damn Tendraxians and the Creagons, invasion. Then, add to that, the Delcrons came looking for Jimison. God, he thought, when the hell were things going to calm down?

Derrick looked at the medical scans, not fully understanding all the readings. To his surprise, it seemed as if Shelly had near-normal brain readings.

Walking over to a nearby panel, Derrick began inputting data at an ever-increasing rate. Shelby stood next to him watching what she was doing, her eyes wide, then tears leaking from them. “How close are you to completely eradicating the virus?” Shelby asked.

Without pausing or looking away, Derrick replied, “Not less than ten percent more. With this, everything but two or three percent will be gone,” Derrick said.

Mary suddenly appeared as Derrick started going in much faster than before. Tears fell from her eyes. “For the first time in ten centuries, I have more, much more than just hope. Thank you, sir,” said Mary.

Still going in at extreme speed, Derrick said, “I told you when we started you that I wouldn’t rest until I could get rid of this. With this, almost all of his commands are open.”

Derrick felt soft female arms wrap around him, a wet spot beginning to grow on the side of his shirt. “This will mark the true beginning of the Empire,” Shelby said.

Finally stopping almost an hour later, Derrick looked at the huge amount of data he had entered. Thinking about it, he was about to say something, but he stopped himself. Even if he had arrived earlier, there really was no way he could have stopped the chief programmer. No, the traitor had been at it for quite some time. Obviously, luckily, Derrick had stopped the last inning.

Derrick could only shake his head as he looked at Shelly. In a few days she had helped him a lot more than he realized. He had been working on everything she had finished. The fact that he had been so busy was his fault. He would have to remember to reward her, her mother and her father, when he finished all the madness.

“So,” Shelby said when Derrick stopped, “just like our subjects, I think you deserve a reward.” Derrick turned to look at Shelby, reward? What hindi porn was she talking about? Without warning, Shelby pressed her lips against Derrick’s, her tongue searching the inside of her mouth. Both of their eyes were wide from the contact, both seemed to be frozen together, shock flowing through them.

What seemed like an eternity later, they pulled apart, feeling as if part of their souls had been torn apart. “Uh,” was all any of them could say. Shelby trembled as they both slid to the ground. A few moments later, they both tried to get up, without success.

Mary, making a throat-clearing sound, seemed to drive them crazy. “Sir? We have a transmission from Colonel Dempsy,” said Mary.

“I made contact with the assassin who was on the emperor’s ship. I managed to capture them, although they have no new information so far. We are preparing the transmission from the Princess, hopefully she will calm the disturbances here.” Kimon said.

Derrick looked at Kimon for a few moments, trying to figure out who the hell was talking to him. A shake of his head cleared most of his head, though she was still a little confused.

“Uh,” Derrick tried to quickly collect his thoughts, “OK.”

“Father?” Kimon asked when he saw the Empress next to Derrick on the ground. Trying not to smile, Kimon said, “I was alerting you to the fact that the ones who send next will be better. I may have to finish them off.”

These words instantly caught Derrick’s attention. “Do what you must, are you almost ready?”

“However, for most of them, after facing a third master? No, the masters would finish them off quickly. I assure you, they can’t pull xnxx porn this off,” Kimon said, a small smile on her lips. “However, the third teacher I faced was quite slow. I think my students will hold their own against the lower ranked ones.”

“Good,” Derrick said, then looked at Kimon. “Not a word of this understood?”

Kimon bowed, hiding a smile, “not a word, sir.”

derrick looked at Kimon intently before nodding and then disconnected.

Less than an hour later, Difina came to the edge of the balcony to give her speech. Kimon was well hidden when she started. Suddenly, he was next to her catching several throwing knives.

There was only a moment’s hesitation before Kimon seemed to disappear. A moment later, Jimison appeared, then he and Difina also seemed to disappear.

The sound of several blows was heard, then several people, in tight clothes, began to fall from the balcony. There was a sound of great outrage as the bodies hit the ground.

Difina and Jimison appeared on opposite sides of the balcony. They both stopped when they saw three men fall unconscious before Kimon.

“So,” said the last man, “you’re much better than we thought.” Too bad you’ll be xnxx hd porn dead soon.”

A slight smile appeared on Kimon’s lips, “Oh, I think you are gravely mistaken. I will show the error of your ways though.”

“They will learn the power of a second level master, these” he indicated to the other three. “They were nothing.”

Kimon smiled slightly and then disappeared. Immediately the sounds of loud banging were heard, then a few bangs. A moment later, they both appeared. Delcron’s clothing was torn, plus he was panting slightly.

Kimon could only shake her head. Damn, this male was as slow as the rest.

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